I was not prepared for such insanity

So I thought it might be a good idea to start this blog out with some good old Christian lunacy, maybe some debunking of their more insane ideas. Should be easy, right?

It turns out I was wrong.

I figured I would just find myself some televangelists. Their job revolves around being insane, so I’d have something to write about in no time.

I found a show by Rod Parsley.

My first impression was that his voice was stunningly similar to Kermit the Frog, if a bit deeper. Everything seemed to be smooth sailing so far; I could probably write a decent amount about a muppet-voiced man who liked to talk about the bible.

Then he got out on stage with a microphone, surrounded by hordes of people. That’s where it got terrifying. He was shouting out paraphrased bible verses, and would occasionally become so caught up in the moment that his words would turn to inarticulate howls. Suddenly, he went up to a girl and turned his crazed screeching onto her. Then he pushed her to the floor. And she lay there. I later found out that this is an actual (albeit bizarre) thing, but that almost makes it weirder.

The horde of Christians then continued to grow louder and more bizarre, with the camera showing random people outright crying, despite the fact that the entire sermon so far had mostly just been shouted groans. The girl who had been knocked over finally stood back up after a quite a few minutes of laying there, and was promptly smacked down again by Rod. Rod then bludgeoned another man, all while his eyebrows danced around erratically to his strange shouted chanting. This continued on until the end of the show.

I really don’t know what I can make of all of this. The shouting, the pushing people over, the “everyone looking like they’re crying”…

I don’t know. It was probably the best display of mass hysteria I’ve ever seen, but past that I think that this level of lunacy far surpasses me.

It’s also made me worried about how easy it would be for someone to put hallucinogens in communion or something.

Just, ya know, something to consider.


One response to “I was not prepared for such insanity

  1. Thomas Guihen May 13, 2013 at 6:51 am

    That was quite funny especially the bit about the eyebrows though there is a serious side to it however = But one thing is absolutely certain and that is this = No one has special powers at all when it comes to this but it is not exclusive to religion though = You can witness mass hysteria at any major sporting event or rock festival in much the same way = This is therefore more common than one may think and can be explained by psychology = But what is cause for concern in this case is how some believe they have metaphysical power such as in speaking in tongues or curing the ill = This can be used as manipulation against others though what is far more worrying is that those who have this in their own imaginations really believe it when anyone objectively referencing it can see otherwise = You say you do not know how much more of this you can stand but you may have to unfortunately because it is probably quite endemic in your part of the world though you probably already knew that anyway = But what you wrote was funny = Especially the bit about the eyebrows though when I first read it I thought you meant he had healed him with them ha ha ha

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