Whee, first post!

So there’s been a lot of talk lately between blogs about how apparently, just being female on the internet while having an opinion about anything sets you up to receive special hatemail tailored specifically for women. I figured hell, I’m female and could probably churn out a regular blog!

So I am. It’s also in part due to recently being caught up in the wonderfulness that is the Freethought blogs, so much so that I was inspired to create my own atheism/skepticism/etc. themed blog. I’ll probably end up posting an awful lot of non-atheism themed stuff too, about things like technology (particularly robotics and AI and things to do with computers), or psychology, or news, or some piece of art that I’ve made that might be interesting, or anything else that I feel could go here.

But most importantly, I’ll be posting my opinions about things here, and just seeing if I end up with hate mail. If/when I do, I’ll be posting them here to be open for ridicule! Unless they’re just uncreative and boring, but I think I’ll still find something to do with them.That’s enough about that for now though. Time for actual content.


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