Holy Shit, Science

That’s basically the most descriptive title I can come up with right now.

Researchers have discovered a way to store 1 bit of data using 12 atoms.

one byte requires 96 atoms.

Going by that, one terabyte would require 105,553,116,266,496 atoms.

For comparison,  one gram of iron is 10,750,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms.

If my math is correct, this means that we could store a terabyte of data on roughly 10 nano-grams of iron.

That is an amount so small that I can’t even wrap my head around it.


Of course, there are still problems to be worked out. So far, these atoms can only be controlled at temperatures incredibly close to absolute zero, and on top of that, it requires special machinery to manipulate the atoms in such ways.

There’s a part of me that knows that I shouldn’t be too excited, because even if all of the problems are worked out of this and it is proven to be worth it (I would have to imagine that creating entire hard disks with this method would be extremely expensive), it’ll probably still be quite a long time before this technology becomes mainstream.

That said,

Holy shit.


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