Let Me Tell You About Homestuck

So there’s this website, MS paint adventures.

On it, a story called Homestuck.

I would call it a webcomic, but that name doesn’t quite do it justice considering it’s more just a category of its own. I’ve heard it called a web-epic before, and that term fits well.

Now I’m not about to go telling people to read it. You should read it, that’s for sure, but in order to read it all fully and get caught up on the plot you need about one full week with nothing to do, or maybe a few months if you’re a normal human being, so I can’t really advocate it. Nor will I bother going over the plot at all here, because that’s a whole blog post worth of information.

But there’s something that I want to mention about it.

It’s a story that revolves around a plethora of characters, which is a bit of an understatement.

Some of these characters are of an alien race for whom gender doesn’t factor into reproduction, and as a result they don’t have a concept of heterosexuality. It makes for a nice nod to the stupidity of the idea that heterosexuality is the default, but it’s not too impressive.

But now we have a new human character, and he’s gay.

And honestly, that’s about it.

He just is gay.

He’s not flamboyant.


A child molester.

A bizarre sexual deviant.

Anything like that. He’s not a token either; the fact that he’s gay is brought up mostly in passing, and carried into conversation about as casually as someone might mention the weather. He has a crush on another character (who may or may not be gay), and it’s not portrayed as creepy. He has a female friend who is aware that he’s gay, and she’s not a “fag hag” or something stupid like that.

And I have to say that it’s just wonderful. The writer is, to my knowledge, entirely heterosexual. He isn’t a fighter for gay rights or anything, and as such he isn’t doing this as an attempt at shoehorning LGBT acceptance into media. He’s just writing a gay character.

It shouldn’t be something even worth mentioning, and yet it is. This is the first time I’ve seen a character be gay and not be defined by it, or alternately not be a token put in place to get Ally-Cookies. It’s the first time I’ve seen a gay character written correctly. He’s added in to the story like it isn’t even a big deal, about as simply as any other writer puts in a heterosexual character.

So I just want to say that I’m impressed, and I’m happy. Happy that there’s a character in fiction that is gay, realistically portrayed, and treated as normal.

Writers take note; if you want to write a LGBT character, that is how you do it.


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