Thoughts on Random Subjects

I’ve been busy lately!

So I don’t really have the time motivation to write up a full post. But in the time since I last made a post I’ve had various thoughts going around my head, so I’ll just list those here, because I like them.

  • The idea that women make poor drivers is baseless. The true award for shitty drivers goes to another demographic- People in cars and trucks larger than any person needs. Today I witnessed two trucks and an SUV doing what I believe was some kind of ugly-car courtship ritual, weaving in and out of the lanes freely together without a turn signal in sight. Beautiful.
  • There’s a racist in my Archery class! If you bring up any black person and mention government in the same context, she’ll call them a ‘Marxist’ and tell them to go back to Africa. I have yet to ask her whether or not she intends to go back to Europe.
  • You can rather accurately judge how uninformed and obtuse someone is on a subject by taking note of how many pseudo-intellectual rhetorical questions they preface their bullshit arguments with. The correlation is positive. And exponential.
  • It turns out I’m a man! Or something like that. I finally got to shooting a bow in Archery. I was instructed to grab a 25 pound bow unless I “felt like being a man today”. I ended up with a 30 pound, pulled that fine, and was met with “I’ll see if you can get a 25 pound bow”.  I wasn’t having any sort of difficulty with 30 pounds, but apparently the idea that I might not be a frail wimminfolk was mind boggling. I never ended up switching to a 25 pound, for the record.
  • I’m taking a programming course. My professor also teaches a computer literacy course. My professor does not know that “Windows Explorer” is the name of the file manager, and that “My Documents” is not a piece of software. I despair.


And that’s about all I can remember at the moment! I might do another one of these the next time I want to get a post up for the sake of my blog not becoming a ghost town, and I might make some posts expanding on these topics. Who knows!



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