The Most Beautiful Cover

So Greta Christina is holding a contest for the cover design of her book!

Though my artistic ability tends more towards drawing pretty pictures than actual graphic design (At least going by what I perceive the difference to be), I figured I would give it a shot.

By “figured I would give it a shot”, I mean I instantly got all giddy at the prospect of designing a cover for her book. Greta is one of my favorite bloggers, and Atheists and Anger is one of my favorite posts. On top of that, there’s the slim chance I could actually win, which would be simultaneously awesome and really good experience to have should I ever start doing commission art, an idea that’s been floating around my head for a few months now and is currently firmly in the “yes, I will almost definitely maybe do that in the future when I have time” zone. So a chance to test out being an artist for money is kinda neat.

Anyways, all of that giddiness resulted in a ton of ideas for what would make a good cover, and I didn’t want to lose those ideas, so I figured I would sketch them out. However, I was in bed with my laptop, my sketch pad was way all the way down on the floor next to me, and my drawing tablet was by my desktop. The two and six feet respectively that I would have had to move to retrieve either of them was simply too much physical exertion, so I settled for the next best thing.

So here’s the, ah, rough draft of the cover design I decided on, a masterpiece forged by the pen tool on my art program and my laptop’s touchpad.

My favorite part is how it looks like a picture of a disgruntled nun with an owlkin preaching to little frog people behind her.

Which, sadly, is not the actual cover design.

I’ve started work on the actual cover design though! A lot of work is already done. I’ll probably post the finished result here too.

But I wanted to post that first.


EDIT: It’s pretty now!


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