Boobs 101, Lesson One

I’ve thought before that it might be nice being a professor at some point, teaching something technology related probably.

But sometimes, after viewing a lot of art on the internet, I really just want to teach a god damned “BOOBS 101” course, because to many artists they seem to be an enigma.

So I’m going to start a little series on boobs. Drawing boobs. Drawing boobs, and not making it seem like they’re some alien, unknowable thing. In infographic form

I’m starting with Lesson One, “Boobs Over Time”. Essentially, how to draw boobs on characters under 18. People can’t seem to get this.

The image, after the jump:

More about this issue, which I didn’t include in the graphic due to the possibility it would become gigantic:

  • This issue actually comes off as very problematic to me. As I mentioned in the graphic, I’m pretty sure (based on people’s attitudes towards it) that it comes from prudism that declares that no person under 18 should have actual boobs. On the surface, this is just plain incorrect. But underneath that, it’s kinda weird. It implies in a way that there’s something wrong with boobs, as if their only purpose is to be sexually attractive and therefor they have no place on Proper Women™, and god forbid children! But the thing is, that’s not what boobs are. They’re just.. part of anatomy. Yes they count as attractive, for reasons I don’t actually understand and yet am completely susceptible to, but that doesn’t make them inherently dirty. Boobs are a thing that exist on women above the ages of about 11-12. Pretending that they only exist on people 18+ because otherwise we’d be making children sexy is creepy. Again, the only people who are going to be attracted to a 12 year old because she’s growing like a normal person were already pedophiles to begin with.
  • This is kinda on that same “only pedos should care” note- I’ve seen people before on imageboards that make topics like “too young for those boobs.” Essentially, the point is to post pictures of young teenage girls who have big boobs, under the idea that they’re too young for them- as if they’re supposed to grow even more past that, or it’s weird for a 14 year old to be done growing boobs. I felt like bringing this up because it backs up two of my points- people have no god damned clue how boobs develop, and the only people getting off on the idea of young teenagers having boobs are the ones who post pictures of young teenagers on imageboards.
  • I don’t have a problem with people just for drawing flat chested young teens. Honestly, they can draw their women however they want, it would be creepier for me to demand that all 10 year olds have boobs. I mainly have a problem when people draw 13+ year old girls as uniformly flat chested, and then say that it’s because real 13+ year olds don’t have boobs either. Alternately, when someone does draw a 13 year old with boobs, and someone criticizes them with the same reasoning. Draw people how you want, but don’t claim it’s because you’re following anatomy if you’re not (not to say that flat chests don’t follow anatomy- it’s ubiquitous flat chests that don’t). The only other time I have a problem with it is if they actually do the “they’re 18 now? POOF, 3 cup sizes!” thing.
  • I sure hope I’m not the only girl who was fine with being shirtless around her house up until she was like 10, or else damn is that part about boobs coming like a thief in the night going to be creepy sounding.
  • People really seem to like using the ‘slowly and gradually growing boobs’ thing to show that a girl is aging. For the record, if that’s the only way you know to show age differences in women, that’s lazy as hell.
  • I could have probably gone with “GIRLS HAVE SIZEABLE BREASTS” for that last point and still shocked some people. The idea that non-tiny boobs exist on nothing but harlots isn’t too uncommon.

Anyways, I’ll probably make more of these later, to share my copious knowledge on boobies.

And also as an excuse to draw more boobs.

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