Clothes Hangers!

I have been thinking lately, and I have decided something.

Clothes hangers are not actually that funny!

At all.

For a long time I’ve used joking about clothes-hanger-abortions as a way to show that I supported abortion and thought that it shouldn’t be demonized or stigmatized, and as a way to try to piss off pro-lifers.

In hindsight, that makes no goddamned sense. Really.

Because clothes-hanger-abortions only exist because people are against abortion, and think it should be demonized and stigmatized.

And because those abortions tend to result in the deaths of women, which is honestly something that I’d assume most pro-lifers are totally on board with, considering how much they hate women.

So clothes hangers honestly would make much more sense as a symbol for pro-lifers.

Not to mention that it probably makes it harder to convince pro-lifers that abortion isn’t actually that dangerous when the picture you paint of it involves shoving rusty wire up your snatch. Let’s be honest, we all know that those guys are shitty at fact checking, they’re not going to make the distinction between a joke and the details of the actual procedure.

All of that said, I need to find a new thing to symbolize abortion that isn’t so inherently terrible. I still want to be able to make cheap abortion jokes, like in this post, which is now rendered not-that-great!


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