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Highway Litter Patrol Brings the ACLU and KKK Together

You know what’s fun? Driving home and listening to NPR and just suddenly, impulsively shouting out ‘What the fuck.’

Because, just, what the fuck.

Not an infuriated what the fuck, mind you. I mean, it’s not like I have any real objection to this, save for being against the idea of the KKK even being recognized as a thing. Yeah, I’m kind of wondering how the KKK can actually build an organization based on hating people and still apparently find highway litter to be a great injustice, and I can imagine it’d be pretty fucking weird to see a sign stating that the highway you’re driving on is sponsored by the fucking Ku Klux Klan (and I would have to imagine that this is the source of the controversy).


But, you know, overall.

Just, what the fuck.


I guess you’ve got to give the ACLU credit though, they have effectively shown that they are not biased about anything.


Not even unrepentant white supremacy.

… goddamn, what.


Search Terms!

I never did get around to making this post.

And my search term stats are fucking weird.

Like how the top thing searched, verbatim, is “why apple sucks.” Which is fantastic.

But up next is things like “Under 18 boobs” and “too young for those tits”, which I presume all lead to the post I made detailing why such a concept is fucking stupid. Which is hilarious, because fuck you pedophiles, god damn.

Now then, some of the weirder shit?

On multiple occasions the phrase “Grimalkin Gaysex” has been searched. I searched it myself, and that is apparently not a thing in any way that could explain why it has been searched basically ever. All it leads to is my blog, primarily the one where I embrace floods of santorum. Which I guess I deserve.

Anyways, from now on Grimalkin Gaysex is my pony name.

But moving on.

I get a lot of search terms revolving around “angry lesbians having sex”, and that is honestly in my opinion a perfectly legitimate thing to search for. Remarkably so. Not weird!

What is weird, though, is “hot ledbians having angry sex” showing up twice. How does that exact thing, ‘Ledbians’ and all, get typed into google twice? Also, I want to know what a ledbian is. According to google image search, they seem to be women who predominantly have straight sex.

Could be some gay Ledians too though, who knows.

Also, just a tip, turn safe search back on before looking for pictures of Pokemon, unless you’re into that thing I guess.

Anyways, there’s been “cake made from abortioned baby”, “view all horror rape porn” (quite a lofty goal), “peanuts depression” (???), and “parasites on babies”. So that’s fun.

Also with a startling regularity there are search terms like “grimalkin fuck picture”, “grimalkin boobs”, and “teens grimalkin lesbian pic video” and all I can wonder is if this is some weird bestiality thing or if ‘grimalkin’ has some meaning that I am not aware of.

Which I guess could be the same thing.

I desperately want these people to be trolling






Oh, Jon.

So I’m trying to fall asleep listening to Jon Stewart again, and what does he do?

He invites someone who wrote a book on ‘Anonymous’  to talk about… Anonymous.

Oh, Jon. Fool.

It still boggles my mind to think that people actually believe that the phenomenon of high school/college age kids fucking around on the internet warrants… much of anything, really. Not books, not fear, not attention. Please, stop giving them attention.

Oh, and taking them seriously.

Here’s the clip that I’m talking about:

It starts out with Jon mentioning Anonymous bored teenagers on 4chan wanting to ruin the author’s life. Now, I’ll concede that it’s very likely that someone heard about the book and started a thread about it, and then a couple dozen self-righteous manchildren attempted to absolutely destroy her with their usual methods of ordering pizzas to her address while wearing Guy Fawkes masks before  getting scared and hiding under their beds from the federal raid that was surely incoming to quell their terrorist activities.

But, y’know, that’s the extent. This woman isn’t in danger of anything that can’t be accomplished through ordering things to people’s addresses. Unless she’s deathly allergic to free mormon bibles, she can sleep easy.

The author then goes on to discuss her research- namely, how she contacted a “representitive” of the “network” to speak to a “UK representative” who was a “senior member” of anonymous.

For the uninitiated, that last sentence is actually just utter bullshit. ‘Anonymous’ does not have representatives, nor is it a network, and a person who is from the UK and considers themselves a member of anonymous  is not a “UK representative” any more than me getting a house in Britain would make it a US Embassy.

Now to give the author some credit, she does point out that the entire idea of Anonymous bored teenagers on 4chan having power is a mirage. Sadly, she honestly should have just stopped there.

The whole hype over ‘Anonymous’, ‘hackers on steroids’, ‘internet terrorists’… it is an illusion, created because people aren’t adapting to the internet as well as the people who do not know a world without it. To invoke Clark’s third law, any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Technology is incredibly advanced, and as a result, people are becoming convinced that 14 year olds who got bored and stumbled onto 4chan are magicians.

And, y’know, as someone who wants to consider herself a skeptic I have to address this. 14 year olds who stumble upon 4chan and become illusioned with the idea of being an elite hacker terrorist in a secret club are not magicians.

But for those who really fail to grasp this entire concept, I’ll explain.

First off, no, anonymous is not a group. It’s an adjective. That’s all. If you’ve ever been too lazy to fill out your contact information when commenting on an article, congratulations, you are now a member of an elite hacker organization. Anonymous is not a group that has any special power. All it is- in it’s entirety- is the result of what happens when you mix normal human tendencies with the illusion that you will not face repercussions because you cannot be identified. People are assholes, and people like to feel like they’re elite and important. Mix those two together on a popular website that expects you to post anonymously (contrary to what the author of the book claims, you are not entirely forced to be on 4chan) where the illusion that you cannot be found is present and you get anonymous.

That’s all. There is literally nothing else to it, besides the details of the smoke and mirrors that allow them to look fancy.

Those smoke and mirrors, again, are just  the result of people not understanding technology. When anonymous takes down websites, all they’re doing is essentially zerging them. Nobody is hacking into anything and for the most part, 90% of those involved don’t even know what they’re doing. They downloaded a program that some guy made and followed the instructions in an image someone else posted and then they started reciting the cover up they’re going to make when the FBI busts them. Because they’re dangerous terrorists, you know.

I really wish there was more to explain, seeing as how poorly understood the whole topic is, but there really isn’t. That’s what makes it sad.

All the people who write about ‘Anonymous’ need to do, should they be able to stand the rampant misogyny and casual racism, is spend a while on 4chan (long enough to watch an entire ‘Operation’ be born and die unnoticed, at least), and they’ll be experts.

And then they can just sit there and think, “wow, I was actually about to take that group of fuck ups seriously” before going off and writing something useful, instead of something that would serve no purpose other than to stroke the egos of those who like to fancy themselves as internet terrorists in a secret club.

Anyways it’s 4am, and I don’t know why I stayed up writing about this for so long, but at least I’m tired now.


I hope.

“Political Correctness”

It’s 3am, Jon Stewart is failing to lull me to sleep, and it’s not like there are better things for me to be doing!

Time for a post I’ve thought about and put off for a few forevers now.

Political correctness!

You know, the bane of those brave souls who dare to say the bigoted shit that we all think, who believe that you can laugh at anything, who challenge the status quo of… people attempting to challenge a fucked up status quo.

Such heroes. In fact, lets just have a moment of silence to honor their bravery.

Right, so. Political correctness. That moment of silence? So long as you didn’t think anything whatsoever, you were being politically correct. At least that’s what those champions of reason have been saying. You just can’t say anything that doesn’t offend someone, am I right?


But that’s how those, ah, champions of reason see it. They can hardly speak, with everything they say being deemed as offensive by those oversensitive liberals spouting nonsense about “political correctness.”

Oh, woops, got that mixed up. It’s actually entitled assholes spouting nonsense about “political correctness.”

to lose the whole “bigoted assholes function on logic” pretense, surely I’m not the only one who’s noticed that I’ve only ever heard that phrase used seriously in the context of someone explaining how they’re oppressed by people calling them assholes.

That’s not even hyperbolic. I literally cannot recall a time when someone has said, without an ounce of mockery or sarcasm in their voice, “Oh, you can’t say that, it’s not politically correct.”

And I would dare to gamble that nobody who actually believes in equality has ever used political correctness as a legitimate reason not to be hateful against people.

This is for the same reason that, when a sane person is asked why they don’t rape and murder people, they tend not to just shrug and mumble something about politics.

Because it’s not politics. Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia… the list goes on. Those aren’t political issues. Engaging in those behaviors doesn’t make you politically incorrect.

It makes you morally incorrect. Please, please say I don’t need to explain the difference.

There is no politics about it. Hell, politics is rife with bigotry. If anything, being a bigoted asshat actually does make you politically correct.

When I tell you that it’s wrong to say something, I’m not playing politics. I don’t make up things like “it’s offensive to call trans people trannies” or “you shouldn’t refer to women as bitches” or “Seriously, stop trying to insist that you shouldn’t get flac for using racial slurs just because the victims of those slurs reclaimed them” just for the amusement of watching you play some sort of politically-acceptable-speech-twister or something. On top of the fact that I don’t make such things up in the first place, it’s simply not for some arbitrarily determined restrictions I want to place on you.

It’s because there are actual good reasons to observe such restrictions. It’s because actual people are hurt in actual ways when you don’t. If you don’t observe them, that doesn’t make you politically incorrect- it just makes you a bad person.

But you know, that’s fine (not really). But at least admit it. Don’t try to take some superficial high ground, claiming to just be politically incorrect as if you’re some sort of weird, hateful martyr. Own up to being terrible and not caring. Don’t try to fool yourself and others into thinking you’re not- if you did actually care, anyways, you wouldn’t be defending being an asshole in the first place.

Really. When you want to claim that everyone thinks bigoted things (they don’t), when you want to say that you can joke about everything (without explaining why, with such an extensive sense of humor, you still resort to the cheapest forms of humor), when you get mad over the fact that your position of power is being challenged so that you might have to assume a position of slightly less but still dominant power, at the very least top that off with “and I’m not afraid to say that, because I have come to terms with being an awful person.” You don’t have to martyr yourself.

Right, so, I think that was everything I meant to accomplish with this post. It’s 4:30 now.

I’m not feeling as successful as I should. Sorta seems like this whole post is just a big jumble of random hatred and sarcasm and some third thing messily forged together. It kinda feels like I saw it off in the distance, glimmering with potential wit and insight, and committed myself to bringing it to you. And then somewhere in between deciding I wanted it and actually retrieving it I guess I got a bit clumsy and I just ended up dropping this mangled, bloody, mostly dead thing at your doorstep and now it’s there for you to deal with.

It’s a gift. Love it.

I probably should have just proofread instead of typing that.

But oh, month old episodes of The Daily Show and sleepy time beckon.

Why this blog went comatose, and a change in focus.

So it’s been kind of dead here.

Not because the 24 (eventually 30) day period I mentioned in the last actual post here killed me though, so, that’s good.

No, I just got a bad case of the Busy As Fucks.

The prescribed treatment for which is “Being Stressed As Fuck”, and it has the unfortunate side effect of making me stressed as fuck.

Oh, and sleepy as fuck. For brevity, just append “as fuck” after every adjective from here on out in your head.

To be a little more descriptive; Turns out, when faced with going into the last year of high school and having to get everything sorted out yourself since all of your classes are self paced and your schedule (mostly) unstructured, dealing with organizing community college courses so that they jive with your high school courses, taking the SAT a second time to get it as high as possible the day after your birthday (in hindsight, not as good a time to take it as I originally figured!), making sure  other graduation requirements are being taken care of, trying to prepare yourself for looking as good to colleges as you possibly can, and probably some last thing I’ve forgotten, your brain kind of just throws up its hands (lobes?) and says “ALRIGHT, I HAVE TAKEN CARE OF THE BARE MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS FOR TODAY, FEND FOR YOURSELF.”

Or at least mine does.

I don’t take well to stress, really.

And I get enough stress from the things that need to be stressing me out, so… not a lot of space left for things like “Idiot MRA wants to talk about how women aren’t people” or “Why water does not cure cancer” or any of the other subjects commonly brought up in the Atheosphere. As such, I’ve kind of… not actually been paying attention to Atheist/Feminist blogs as much as usual, and don’t really have a lot to write about on an Atheist/Feminist blog.

So, there’s that. Also, a brain that wants me to fend for myself does not make for good posts really!

I’ll post more eventually. I might even get that abortion cake post made (eventually.)


In my hiatus, I’ve kind of been thinking about the focus of this blog. The blog focus states that this blog is primarily about religion, whereas wordpress’s “Most popular topics you’ve written about” widget clearly shows that haha, no, that’s bullshit and it’s actually Feminism by a long shot.

So I’m going to explain about this some.

First off, why there’s no mention of Feminism whatsoever in my blog focus despite it being the overarching theme.

When I started this blog, it was intended to just be Atheism. I didn’t intend to write about Feminism at all, save for a few brief posts. This is primarily because when I started this blog, I was really hesitant to even call myself a Feminist. I’m not sure why, actually. Probably all of those formative years spent on 4chan that taught me that Feminist was a dirty word for shrill uppity bitches that hate Nice Guys or whatever.

Man, if that’s not the most depressing sentence I’ve ever written.

Anyways, for some reason it’s still weird for me to say that I’m a Feminist? So for the record, I’m a Feminist and this is a Feminist blog. In other news, water is wet (and still does not cure cancer if you mix diluted tumors in it).

Now then, why this blog ended up about Feminism in the first place.

If you were to ask me what I’d rather be known for writing about, between the Atheism, science and technology mentioned in my blog focus, or the Feminism that has taken over my blog, I’d say Atheism, hands down. I am nowhere near as passionate about Feminism as most Feminist bloggers (I would assume). I’m not even all that passionate about being female. It’s kind of, at best, just a thing. The absolute last thing I would want is for it to define me, simply because it just doesn’t.

And yet I write about it A. Fucking. Lot.

There’s good reason for that.

Writing is catharsis for me. Not in the sense that it is for some writers, in that when they’re upset about anything they just like to write. For me, it’s in the sense that if something pisses me off, one of the best ways to make it stop bothering me is to write about it.

Between “This wine is Zombie blood!!!”  and “Hahaha, silly wimminfolk, you aren’t people”, it’s kind of clear to see which one makes me the angriest.

And which one motivates me to write.

Because as much as the absolute last thing I want is to be defined by being female, there are other people tend to enjoy doing exactly that, and then subjecting me to their sexism.

So in a sense I kind of have to care about Feminism. And write about it.

So that’s the focus of this blog now.

With some Atheism on the side.


Dammit, now I have to update the blog focus page.