Why this blog went comatose, and a change in focus.

So it’s been kind of dead here.

Not because the 24 (eventually 30) day period I mentioned in the last actual post here killed me though, so, that’s good.

No, I just got a bad case of the Busy As Fucks.

The prescribed treatment for which is “Being Stressed As Fuck”, and it has the unfortunate side effect of making me stressed as fuck.

Oh, and sleepy as fuck. For brevity, just append “as fuck” after every adjective from here on out in your head.

To be a little more descriptive; Turns out, when faced with going into the last year of high school and having to get everything sorted out yourself since all of your classes are self paced and your schedule (mostly) unstructured, dealing with organizing community college courses so that they jive with your high school courses, taking the SAT a second time to get it as high as possible the day after your birthday (in hindsight, not as good a time to take it as I originally figured!), making sure  other graduation requirements are being taken care of, trying to prepare yourself for looking as good to colleges as you possibly can, and probably some last thing I’ve forgotten, your brain kind of just throws up its hands (lobes?) and says “ALRIGHT, I HAVE TAKEN CARE OF THE BARE MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS FOR TODAY, FEND FOR YOURSELF.”

Or at least mine does.

I don’t take well to stress, really.

And I get enough stress from the things that need to be stressing me out, so… not a lot of space left for things like “Idiot MRA wants to talk about how women aren’t people” or “Why water does not cure cancer” or any of the other subjects commonly brought up in the Atheosphere. As such, I’ve kind of… not actually been paying attention to Atheist/Feminist blogs as much as usual, and don’t really have a lot to write about on an Atheist/Feminist blog.

So, there’s that. Also, a brain that wants me to fend for myself does not make for good posts really!

I’ll post more eventually. I might even get that abortion cake post made (eventually.)


In my hiatus, I’ve kind of been thinking about the focus of this blog. The blog focus states that this blog is primarily about religion, whereas wordpress’s “Most popular topics you’ve written about” widget clearly shows that haha, no, that’s bullshit and it’s actually Feminism by a long shot.

So I’m going to explain about this some.

First off, why there’s no mention of Feminism whatsoever in my blog focus despite it being the overarching theme.

When I started this blog, it was intended to just be Atheism. I didn’t intend to write about Feminism at all, save for a few brief posts. This is primarily because when I started this blog, I was really hesitant to even call myself a Feminist. I’m not sure why, actually. Probably all of those formative years spent on 4chan that taught me that Feminist was a dirty word for shrill uppity bitches that hate Nice Guys or whatever.

Man, if that’s not the most depressing sentence I’ve ever written.

Anyways, for some reason it’s still weird for me to say that I’m a Feminist? So for the record, I’m a Feminist and this is a Feminist blog. In other news, water is wet (and still does not cure cancer if you mix diluted tumors in it).

Now then, why this blog ended up about Feminism in the first place.

If you were to ask me what I’d rather be known for writing about, between the Atheism, science and technology mentioned in my blog focus, or the Feminism that has taken over my blog, I’d say Atheism, hands down. I am nowhere near as passionate about Feminism as most Feminist bloggers (I would assume). I’m not even all that passionate about being female. It’s kind of, at best, just a thing. The absolute last thing I would want is for it to define me, simply because it just doesn’t.

And yet I write about it A. Fucking. Lot.

There’s good reason for that.

Writing is catharsis for me. Not in the sense that it is for some writers, in that when they’re upset about anything they just like to write. For me, it’s in the sense that if something pisses me off, one of the best ways to make it stop bothering me is to write about it.

Between “This wine is Zombie blood!!!”  and “Hahaha, silly wimminfolk, you aren’t people”, it’s kind of clear to see which one makes me the angriest.

And which one motivates me to write.

Because as much as the absolute last thing I want is to be defined by being female, there are other people tend to enjoy doing exactly that, and then subjecting me to their sexism.

So in a sense I kind of have to care about Feminism. And write about it.

So that’s the focus of this blog now.

With some Atheism on the side.


Dammit, now I have to update the blog focus page.


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