Search Terms!

I never did get around to making this post.

And my search term stats are fucking weird.

Like how the top thing searched, verbatim, is “why apple sucks.” Which is fantastic.

But up next is things like “Under 18 boobs” and “too young for those tits”, which I presume all lead to the post I made detailing why such a concept is fucking stupid. Which is hilarious, because fuck you pedophiles, god damn.

Now then, some of the weirder shit?

On multiple occasions the phrase “Grimalkin Gaysex” has been searched. I searched it myself, and that is apparently not a thing in any way that could explain why it has been searched basically ever. All it leads to is my blog, primarily the one where I embrace floods of santorum. Which I guess I deserve.

Anyways, from now on Grimalkin Gaysex is my pony name.

But moving on.

I get a lot of search terms revolving around “angry lesbians having sex”, and that is honestly in my opinion a perfectly legitimate thing to search for. Remarkably so. Not weird!

What is weird, though, is “hot ledbians having angry sex” showing up twice. How does that exact thing, ‘Ledbians’ and all, get typed into google twice? Also, I want to know what a ledbian is. According to google image search, they seem to be women who predominantly have straight sex.

Could be some gay Ledians too though, who knows.

Also, just a tip, turn safe search back on before looking for pictures of Pokemon, unless you’re into that thing I guess.

Anyways, there’s been “cake made from abortioned baby”, “view all horror rape porn” (quite a lofty goal), “peanuts depression” (???), and “parasites on babies”. So that’s fun.

Also with a startling regularity there are search terms like “grimalkin fuck picture”, “grimalkin boobs”, and “teens grimalkin lesbian pic video” and all I can wonder is if this is some weird bestiality thing or if ‘grimalkin’ has some meaning that I am not aware of.

Which I guess could be the same thing.


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