Highway Litter Patrol Brings the ACLU and KKK Together

You know what’s fun? Driving home and listening to NPR and just suddenly, impulsively shouting out ‘What the fuck.’

Because, just, what the fuck.

Not an infuriated what the fuck, mind you. I mean, it’s not like I have any real objection to this, save for being against the idea of the KKK even being recognized as a thing. Yeah, I’m kind of wondering how the KKK can actually build an organization based on hating people and still apparently find highway litter to be a great injustice, and I can imagine it’d be pretty fucking weird to see a sign stating that the highway you’re driving on is sponsored by the fucking Ku Klux Klan (and I would have to imagine that this is the source of the controversy).


But, you know, overall.

Just, what the fuck.


I guess you’ve got to give the ACLU credit though, they have effectively shown that they are not biased about anything.


Not even unrepentant white supremacy.

… goddamn, what.


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