Not all issues are academic.

You can debate science. Or politics. Or religion.

You can disagree with someone about, say, the best economic plan. You could agree to disagree about the role of government. You can decide that someone is entitled to their opinion over the harm of creationism in schools.

But that’s not true of everything.

Like people’s lives.

And this (fantastic) video illustrates pretty damn well why.

As seems to be common among LGBT folks, I would rather have somebody run up and shout “FUCK YOU, QUEERMO” than politely insist that “the fact that gays are lesser humans who don’t deserve rights is just my opinion, and I’m entitled to it.”

Not just because of how much more acceptable it is to punch the first dude.

The first one is just stupid, hateful bile. The second is someone who actually thinks that deciding whether or not the person they’re talking to is an equal human being to them is nothing more than an academic exercise.

There’s a bit more insult there.


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