Little crocheted uterus, plus the most adorable kitty face.

With equally cute things;

Cuterus with My Little Pony friends.

Note the sparkles. Not the Twilight Sparkles, the glittery type.

This is where it has lived since I made it. It’s nice having a cat-faced uterus stare you down while you’re on the computer, really.

I was going to send it to a male representative in order to sway him to not be an idiot,  But sweet evil Jesus it’s too cute.

And so it is all mine.


2 responses to “BEHOLD, THE CUTERUS.

  1. Kristen Caven September 11, 2014 at 7:25 am

    This is brilliant! Did you just whip it up? Or can you buy them on Etsy or Amazon hahahaha?

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