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Faith in Humanity: Restored


This is, no hyperbole, one of the best things I’ve ever read. I legitimately cannot think of anything so thoroughly saturated with wonderfulness that I have ever read, at least not recently.

I actually have nothing to add. There’s nothing he forgot to mention. There’s nothing he said that he said wrong. There’s no little quibbles over minor things. Nothing. It is <i<perfect. And on top of the wonderfulness of this article, the fact that what this article actual is is a call to action? That is a giant goddamned cherry on top. 

Since it is impossible for me to debate this article at all, I am just going to go through this article, chronologically, and note everything that makes me want to vomit kittens and rainbows.

  1. The article uses non-heteronormative language when the subject is not even about LGBT issues.
  2. The acknowledgement of enabling behavior leaving you open to blame.
  3. The acknowledgement of men having a special importance in feminism due to their ability to get through to men who ignore female voices.
  4. How the article makes it explicitly clear, italic-fucking-text and all, that these issues are not debatable political or academic issues, and that we do not need to open ourselves to debate over them. I seriously do not have words for how refreshing and fantastic it is to read this as opposed to say it.
  5. The shooting down of the usage of the phrase “Political Correctness”, and a remarkably accurate translation of what it means
  6. The mention of claims of misandry. Everything about what he says about them is true, but I just fucking love the last part. Seriously- if you want women to stop hating men, stop giving them reason to.

And those are just the things that stuck out.



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Loving this.

A Message to Team Assholes.


in your attempts to destroy Atheism+, Feminism, and the divisiveness of the basic logic that says “women are people”, you have “succeeded” in getting Jen McCreight take a break. Congratulations.

I put “succeeded” in scare quotes because you have essentially done nothing.

Some would use the phrase, “You’ve won the battle, but not the war.” I wouldn’t even go that far. I wouldn’t even say that you’ve won a damned fistfight.

You are, and have been, losing. You’re losing spectacularly. Every time you become angry that a woman doesn’t want to be propositioned in an elevator, every time you harass and sexualize a girl for the crime of posting a picture of herself, every time you insist that women are hypersensitive harpies that lie about harassment, every time you discuss whether or not it’s okay to rape someone if you have a reason for it, every time you become vitriolically upset at the idea that marginalized people want to organize a safe space, every time you graphically harass a blogger so much that she takes an indefinite break from blogging, you lose a little more.

Every time you show your true colors, someone new sees you for who you are. Someone who previously didn’t see a problem now sees it thrust right into their face. Someone who didn’t see a reason to act is mobilized into action. Someone who was afraid to speak up becomes angry and vocal about their opinions. Someone who already did all that they thought was possible is empowered to do more.

Every time you play your hateful game, someone new joins our team.

It is too late for you to win. You will only become less redeemable from here on out. You are past the event horizon, and there is no turning back. We are organized, we are angry, and every time you attempt to fight us we become angrier and we become stronger.

You attempted to disarm us by stealing our grenade, and left us with the pin. You advanced further onto our territory, and stepped into our minefield. You have, in your attempt to defeat us, defeated yourself just a little bit more.

So congratulations on that little “success”.

I’m not a homophobe, but…

You know, the thing about this phrase is, you’re not fooling anyone who would be hurt by homophobia.

All you’re doing is setting yourself up for a big damn circlejerk with your fellow homophobes about how you’re all not homophobes.

The homo listening to you is just thinking that you’re a homophobe.

Same goes for all -phobes and -ists.

EDIT: Also, “No offense, but…”

EDIT #2: “I’m not an MRA, but…”

We just can’t handle the truth

So, A+

It’s a pretty great thing, I think. I like it so far.

In short, it’s a place where like minded pro-social-justice atheists can talk about social justice. This, of course, is the most heinous thing conceived since Klara and Alois Hitler decided to get it on in 1888.

But there are those brave freedom fighters, boldly entering into enemy territory to let everyone know how many issues they have with our criminal usage of words and letters and mathematical operators and SOMETIMES, all of those things together at once. Needless to say, they forgo the parts of the forum meant for such discussions and launch themselves ass-first into the place dedicated to serious discussion by those who are beyond “but what about the name”. Then they, the poor, brave souls, face a vicious onslaught of being told that they’re posting in the wrong forum, sometimes even with the harsh censorship of having a thread locked and redirected to the proper area. At the worst. It is at this point that they cry out the same thing, albeit with minor variations from person to person:

“Ha, I KNEW it! You don’t truly value skepticism, and you freely censor anyone who dares to disagree with you! You just can’t handle the PURE and RAW TRUTH that I, in my greatness, have bestowed upon you, as it differs with your own views!”

I have a young niece. About 6 months old. Every now and then she and her family visits.

The last time she was here she began crying. This was no ordinary cry. With no warning nor any provocation, she began to cry a cry that I only ever expected to hear from a human child if it was in the process of being fed through a meat grinder. It was so terrible that I zoned out a little, and despite my staunch Atheism I began to see potential logic behind the idea that suffering can lead to enlightenment, because for a moment I ascended into a Zen-like state of mind, if only to detach myself from the body currently being savaged by the hellish noise. Just, you know, to give you a good image of how horribly fucking annoying the crying was. Now, was this because within the raucous banshee shriek being emitted by my niece there was encoded a set of truths so pure, so unknowable, and yet so horribly at odds with my own beliefs that it drove me into madness?

Well, ah, I’ll put my money on no.

If instead of reading their posts on a forum I was listening to these self-absorbed idiots in person as they shouted out their bile, I’ve got this really funny feeling that they might sound like babies being fed through a meatgrinder.