Tonight I’m afraid of the dark. Tonight I’m having nested nightmares where I wake up and try to turn the light on and it won’t turn on, and then I wake up from that and try to turn it on and it won’t, and then I wake up from that… and so on, until I actually woke up and now I can’t sleep partly because now my lights are on and staying on, and I’m feeling like I’m going to have a night of sleep paralysis if I keep risking sleep again. Because stress does that. So so much for that.

Depression makes you exhausted. Being exhausted makes you unable to work. Being unable to work gives you anxiety. Anxiety gives you insomnia. Insomnia keeps you exhausted. Exhaustion finally makes you pass out. Paranoia makes you afraid of the dark. Anxiety gives you sleep paralysis. Both of those make sleep terrifying. Being terrified of sleep makes you wake up at 2 am and not dare go back to sleep. Waking up at 2 am makes you exhausted at noon. Being exhausted at noon makes you sleep all day. Sleeping a whole day away makes you depressed.


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