The things you do to keep yourself sane

Actually make you look crazier.

In order to type this I have taken a break from my current activity, which is tearing apart a cardboard box and feeling like I’m going to cry but not doing so because I thought it was a good idea once to train myself to not cry which really just feels awful.

I also took a moment to chew on the box while staring into space.


And the best part, the absolute best part of the fact that I’m doing shit that would get me instantly cast as a lead background character in a film set in an old timey mental institution, is that I’m doing it to keep myself sane. 


Which is just so hilarious. If I want to look normal, I have to do things that hurt and make me feel worse, like “You know, I’m just going to stop crying from now on.”

But if I want shit to hurt less, if I want to keep myself from going off the goddamned deep end, well dammit I better go to town on a fucking box.


I’m just imagining my mom’s reaction if she found my new box friend. She’d probably prefer the alternatives?


One response to “The things you do to keep yourself sane

  1. Thomas Guihen January 11, 2013 at 3:00 am

    What you have described here is within the range of human behaviour – which might seem an odd thing to say as one cannot experience anything else but even so. Digesting cardboard may be statisticaly unusual but what is and is not normal is subjective and interpretational and one should avoid using that word – I am only speaking for myself here – but nevertheless. The only one you should be is yourself as being anyone else is a tad impossible anyway. But I do not think I am telling you anything you do not already know. I am rather unusual in certain ways but it does not bother me as I accept it and it causes me zero harm but society might think otherwise but at my age I am too old to worry about what society thinks

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