I’m bitter.

I’m bitter about so many things.

And people say it’s bad for me,

to hold grudges,

to hate five-ever,

It’s bad for my blood pressure,

or something.

I’ll have you know I have borderline hypotension,

And that I can’t stand the tension,

of letting people get by lying,

Without apologizing

for the awful shit they’ve done

So I’m bitter.

I’m bitter like dark chocolate;

Good for the heart,

ignore the “small doses” part.

I’d say I’m bitter like grapefruit,

but grapefruit ruins my medication,

and I’m bitter because

I’m a mental patient,

so that’s no good.

But then there’s coffee,

and coffee’s bitter,

and lots of people can’t get by

without a daily cup,

so what is up

with saying I can’t be

what keeps me, me.

Though I can’t lie

it’s been a while

since I’ve been taken to the cleaners

for my bitter demeanors

because quite frankly

If I speak with you

you are bitter like me too.


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