Blog Focus

This blog is primarily about Atheism. Its main focus is on the harm done by religion, the logical fallacies used by religion, and the attempts to combat religion and promote more logical thinking in the world.

On top of that, though, it’s also about whatever I happen to feel like talking about. Science, technology, politics, art, et. al.

The only real guideline is that everything posted will be in line with Atheism, and with science. No ignoring of science, no pseudoscience, no outright shitting on science, and no pro-religious babble will show up here.



With some ‘God doesn’t exist’ on the side.

I also feel that it’s worth mentioning that this blog was initially thought up and created in response to increasing  talk about women getting special female-specific hate mail simply for writing on the internet while being female. This is a small attempt at countering that, as all hatemail or hateful comments (female-specific or not) I receive will be posted here and made fun of, partially because that seems like a fun thing to do, and partially to help publicize a large problem.



I reserve the right to censor like a motherfucker; If I think your comment is just ridiculously awful and stupid I might just shake my head and delete it right off the bat.

HOWEVER; I really am not keen on using this right that much. I don’t like the feel of altering what comments appear on my blog, and I really hate people who delete comments that don’t agree with them, so I’m not going to do that. I will probably only delete comments that are deliriously hateful, and if they are, I’ll probably make a blog post mocking them anyways.

ON NICE COMMENTS: I love nice comments! They make me feel like an internet celebrity for reasons I don’t understand. However, I am notoriously bad at knowing how to reply to things, so I am just clarifying right here that the chance I reply to your comment, particularly in any meaningful way, is real damn low. But I still appreciate it!


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