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So I made a thing.

It’s a song thing.

About A+



Lyrics (+foreword) below the fold:
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A Message to Team Assholes.


in your attempts to destroy Atheism+, Feminism, and the divisiveness of the basic logic that says “women are people”, you have “succeeded” in getting Jen McCreight take a break. Congratulations.

I put “succeeded” in scare quotes because you have essentially done nothing.

Some would use the phrase, “You’ve won the battle, but not the war.” I wouldn’t even go that far. I wouldn’t even say that you’ve won a damned fistfight.

You are, and have been, losing. You’re losing spectacularly. Every time you become angry that a woman doesn’t want to be propositioned in an elevator, every time you harass and sexualize a girl for the crime of posting a picture of herself, every time you insist that women are hypersensitive harpies that lie about harassment, every time you discuss whether or not it’s okay to rape someone if you have a reason for it, every time you become vitriolically upset at the idea that marginalized people want to organize a safe space, every time you graphically harass a blogger so much that she takes an indefinite break from blogging, you lose a little more.

Every time you show your true colors, someone new sees you for who you are. Someone who previously didn’t see a problem now sees it thrust right into their face. Someone who didn’t see a reason to act is mobilized into action. Someone who was afraid to speak up becomes angry and vocal about their opinions. Someone who already did all that they thought was possible is empowered to do more.

Every time you play your hateful game, someone new joins our team.

It is too late for you to win. You will only become less redeemable from here on out. You are past the event horizon, and there is no turning back. We are organized, we are angry, and every time you attempt to fight us we become angrier and we become stronger.

You attempted to disarm us by stealing our grenade, and left us with the pin. You advanced further onto our territory, and stepped into our minefield. You have, in your attempt to defeat us, defeated yourself just a little bit more.

So congratulations on that little “success”.

We just can’t handle the truth

So, A+

It’s a pretty great thing, I think. I like it so far.

In short, it’s a place where like minded pro-social-justice atheists can talk about social justice. This, of course, is the most heinous thing conceived since Klara and Alois Hitler decided to get it on in 1888.

But there are those brave freedom fighters, boldly entering into enemy territory to let everyone know how many issues they have with our criminal usage of words and letters and mathematical operators and SOMETIMES, all of those things together at once. Needless to say, they forgo the parts of the forum meant for such discussions and launch themselves ass-first into the place dedicated to serious discussion by those who are beyond “but what about the name”. Then they, the poor, brave souls, face a vicious onslaught of being told that they’re posting in the wrong forum, sometimes even with the harsh censorship of having a thread locked and redirected to the proper area. At the worst. It is at this point that they cry out the same thing, albeit with minor variations from person to person:

“Ha, I KNEW it! You don’t truly value skepticism, and you freely censor anyone who dares to disagree with you! You just can’t handle the PURE and RAW TRUTH that I, in my greatness, have bestowed upon you, as it differs with your own views!”

I have a young niece. About 6 months old. Every now and then she and her family visits.

The last time she was here she began crying. This was no ordinary cry. With no warning nor any provocation, she began to cry a cry that I only ever expected to hear from a human child if it was in the process of being fed through a meat grinder. It was so terrible that I zoned out a little, and despite my staunch Atheism I began to see potential logic behind the idea that suffering can lead to enlightenment, because for a moment I ascended into a Zen-like state of mind, if only to detach myself from the body currently being savaged by the hellish noise. Just, you know, to give you a good image of how horribly fucking annoying the crying was. Now, was this because within the raucous banshee shriek being emitted by my niece there was encoded a set of truths so pure, so unknowable, and yet so horribly at odds with my own beliefs that it drove me into madness?

Well, ah, I’ll put my money on no.

If instead of reading their posts on a forum I was listening to these self-absorbed idiots in person as they shouted out their bile, I’ve got this really funny feeling that they might sound like babies being fed through a meatgrinder.


TRIGGER WARNING: The word ‘stupid’, the word ‘misogynist’, naughty bad words, words, punctuation, images, colors, lines, fluffy hampster creatures, people, shirts, monitors, keyboards, tables, chairs, viking paraphernalia, trigger warnings.

Right. So. I made a thing to address a, um, pressing issue.
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Abortion Cake

Two warnings: This post is image heavy as hell; if you have a slow connection, be warned.

Second, it treats the topic of abortion with a lot of levity, so if you’re particularly sensitive about such things this might not be a good post to read. I felt it needed a bit of a trigger warning.

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I have acquired babies! Oh, and CATURDAY

So I’m at Hobby Lobby looking for glittery pink yarn so that I can crochet a uterus and send it to a male representative, right?


And what do I find as I wander aimlessly through the aisles?


Little plastic babies.

The most important ingredient to my abortion cake, which I’d been putting off making because babies are so hard to find!

But now I’ve found them, while looking for the stuff to crochet a uterus with. If fate/gods/etc. were actual things, this would totally be proof that they love both irony and abortions.

Anyways I forgot to take a picture of the packaging, which is a shame, because the brand seemed to be “Bag of Chips”, and that’s a pretty wonderful thing to see on a bag of babies.

But in lieu of that, here’s a picture of my cat covered in little babies:

This is why you should always spay and neuter your pets.

Illustrating my belief that unwanted babies are essentially just glorified parasites.

Judging by her expression, she agrees!

Fetuses are probably pretty high in protein!

She also seems to think that babies make for good eatings.

She’d make a good Atheist, if that was even a thing that cats could be. Pretty sure there’s no point behind having cat Atheists when you don’t cat Theists.

Though there are catlicks, so maybe…?

Anyways, I’ll get a post up on how to make abortion cakes soon! Probably tomorrow. It’ll be delicious.

Amazon Makes Me So Happy

It’s 5am, I woke up at midnight, and I’m bored as hell.

As a result, I’ve found a way to amuse myself.


For a while, I’ve wanted to bake an abortion cake. Not a cake made out of abortions- honestly that sounds kind of icky, and I don’t think I could actually round up enough abortions for that anyways. More a cake that basically just says “Wheee, abortion!” Because in my opinion the process of evicting a clump of freeloading cells from a uterus needs less stigma and more cake.

Anyways, as I sat bored out of my god-damned mind because there was nothing on the internet and My Little Pony wasn’t coming on for another few hours, my mind wandered. Wandered straight into abortion cake land.

So I began to plan for how I would go about making an abortion cake. One thing I knew for sure, it needed some of those babies you put in king cake. I had king cake once when I was in preschool, and being a really fucked up toddler I absolutely loved eating babies in a cake, so that memory has stuck in my mind and I’ve wanted to eat babies in a cake again ever since. Now I’ve got an excuse to make a cake with babies in it, so I pretty much can’t not.

It turns out though, king cake babies are hard to find. There don’t seem to be any in stores around me, at least not according to Google.

Amazon had a lot of little plastic babies though!

And as I scrolled through the list of items that came up when I searched for “Plastic Baby”…


Oh Amazon.

Finished Result of the Cover Contest

I think it turned out way better than my original sketch.

Anyways, it’s been submitted now, despite me being tempted to keep on editing it right up to 1:59 tonight. Time for hoping!


Also, as a side note. Drawing my generic Atheist as female? Was actually sort of weird. Like it was inaccurate since the book wasn’t specifically about women, and it wasn’t a drawing of Greta or something.

But I drew her female anyways because that’d be a stupid reason not to. Still strange though, in a kinda interesting way.

The Most Beautiful Cover

So Greta Christina is holding a contest for the cover design of her book!

Though my artistic ability tends more towards drawing pretty pictures than actual graphic design (At least going by what I perceive the difference to be), I figured I would give it a shot.

By “figured I would give it a shot”, I mean I instantly got all giddy at the prospect of designing a cover for her book. Greta is one of my favorite bloggers, and Atheists and Anger is one of my favorite posts. On top of that, there’s the slim chance I could actually win, which would be simultaneously awesome and really good experience to have should I ever start doing commission art, an idea that’s been floating around my head for a few months now and is currently firmly in the “yes, I will almost definitely maybe do that in the future when I have time” zone. So a chance to test out being an artist for money is kinda neat.

Anyways, all of that giddiness resulted in a ton of ideas for what would make a good cover, and I didn’t want to lose those ideas, so I figured I would sketch them out. However, I was in bed with my laptop, my sketch pad was way all the way down on the floor next to me, and my drawing tablet was by my desktop. The two and six feet respectively that I would have had to move to retrieve either of them was simply too much physical exertion, so I settled for the next best thing.

So here’s the, ah, rough draft of the cover design I decided on, a masterpiece forged by the pen tool on my art program and my laptop’s touchpad.

My favorite part is how it looks like a picture of a disgruntled nun with an owlkin preaching to little frog people behind her.

Which, sadly, is not the actual cover design.

I’ve started work on the actual cover design though! A lot of work is already done. I’ll probably post the finished result here too.

But I wanted to post that first.


EDIT: It’s pretty now!

About Allies

There seems to be a lot of confusion, primarily by people who call themselves allies, about what it means to be an ally to minority groups. It comes up a lot in the Atheist/Skeptic community though (as some people like to consider all Atheists allied, which is not something I could agree with sadly), so I figure it’s probably rather relevant here.

Of course, nobody seems to be able to come to a consensus on what makes an ally an ally. Being one person, I can’t speak for everyone about what makes someone an ally. I can say what makes me consider you an ally though, and what I would consider reasonable requirements for being one.

First and foremost, the one requirement that is usually brought up in argument: You can not determine yourself to be an ally. Whether or not you are an ally depends on whether or not the people you are allied to think you are one. For some reason, people seem to have trouble with this. The typical situation is that one person (usually someone who doesn’t face discrimination themselves, might I add) declares themselves an ally to a minority group. The person then goes on to say something, do something, or otherwise find some way to utterly insult that particular minority group. The “ally” then claims that they are one the same side as the minority group, as if that protects them from any critique. Said minority group proceeds to tear said “ally” a new asshole, usually.  As a rule of thumb, when you’re having to go “nuh uh, I’m on your guys’ side!” to someone, you probably aren’t actually on their side.

Remember, you are an ally to them, not the other way around. You work for them and aid them. Saying that you were an ally all along is about as stupid as blatantly slacking off at work and then getting indignant when your boss confronts you over it. Because you’re a worker, duh, how dare he assume that you weren’t working when your title clearly says that you work!

The second requirement that I want to bring up should be obvious: You have to actually keep the best interests of the group you’re allied to at heart. If you realize that you’ve done something that hurt the group you’re trying to help, that should make you feel bad. You should be compelled to apologize, to try to make things right. If your first reaction is to become angry that they had the gall to stop praising you for your selfless alliance to them, then you never had a goddamned selfless alliance to them. It is okay to be hurt to think that you insulted someone that you try to help, but it is not okay to hurt them back. Doing that means that you don’t actually care how they feel, only how righteous and kind-hearted they make you feel when they praise you. Getting pissy at them not praising you, though, is kinda like me stepping on my dog’s paw, feeling bad when he yelps, and then kicking him across the room because how dare he acknowledge that I hurt him.

This leads into the third requirement which is very often overlooked, I believe: You must be selflessly invested in helping the group you’re allied to. You have to actually realize that being an ally to someone is not just some way to gain an infinite number of brownie points. It’s not a two way deal, really. All you get out of being an ally is the feeling that you’re helping people who need it. You don’t get a free pass for being a jerk to them, or some sort of protection against any form of critique. You don’t get anything. If that’s a dealbreaker for you, you’re not an ally. You’re a leech.

The fourth requirement, with which I move straight from “obvious” to “seriously, this should never be news ever” is this: You can’t actively hurt the group you’re allied to. That should be brain-meltingly obvious, but it seems to be overlooked.

Imagine that instead of defending your group from bias and hatred, you’re actually battling with them in a war or something. Now, you should be shooting at their enemies. This is what it means to be on the same side.

For some reason, though, some people with a so-called alliance to one side of a battle take a liking to gunning down that side’s own god damned troops. If the battles of equality and prejudice were a physical war, nobody would have a problem with people calling the guy who makes a hobby out of friendly fire a traitor. But since there isn’t a battlefield, people don’t seem to see the similarity between shooting at your own troops, and actively making homophobic comments when being allied to LGBT people, or saying something misogynistic when claiming to be a feminist, or racist when claiming to be against racism, etc. ad infinitum.

There is a similarity though, and just like you should take the gun away from someone who shoots at people they call their friends, so should we take the title of “ally” away from someone who uses it in this way.

Now, this is all my own opinion of what constitutes an ally. That said, I would consider these four requirements relatively uncontroversial (except to people who wouldn’t be an ally by this list- I’m sure they’ll be furious) and pretty basic guidelines for how to not be a shit ally. If you really want to try to be an ally to some person or group and not be called a fraud, this list would probably be good to keep in mind.