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Little Green Bug

I’m in a depressed rut at the moment. Have been pretty constantly lately.

In fact, I was in the middle of writing a post about it just now.

But then I noticed that I had a visitor on my door.

A little green bug with big wings on my door

Google tells me she is a common green lacewing. I think. I like her regardless.

I feel better now.



So I made a thing.

It’s a song thing.

About A+



Lyrics (+foreword) below the fold:
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Wordpress referall stats telling me that I've been linked to on the slymepit!

Loving this.

Archery and Amazons

So there’s this myth I’ve heard, about how Amazon women supposedly cut off their right breast in order to shoot better, because it got in the way or something.

Upon first hearing this, I dismissed it as millenia-old misogyny, of the “women can’t naturally do things men do.”

Now, I’m not about to say I’ve stopped dismissing it as misogyny. It still is. But my view became more nuanced once I became an archer myself.

For lack of a better way to describe why, I drew out a, um, diagram of a particular issue faced by me and other female archers;

Bow string drawn across chest + jutting boobs = nipple bruise a la bowstring

So really, wrong boob. Unless all Amazons were left handed.

I really want to draw what a nipplebruise looks like when kindly donated by a bowstring, but I’m nicer than that and I’m not sure that wordpress would be keen on me doing that.  Just picture a breast, and superimpose a 4-inch-by-2-inch bruise that really looks less ‘bruise’ and more ‘purple skin and fucked up red splotches that make it look like you’re bleeding under the skin’.


You know, they make guards for your arm for this kind of thing. They make special gloves for your fingers so that you don’t hurt them holding the string. I’ve even heard of people with face guards because they can’t stop slapping themselves when releasing the string.

But should you be so lucky as to find a guard for the chest, it’ll be made (primarily) for men. To, um, hold back clothing. And they’re flat. Which really works well on something curved. Like boobs.

FUN FACT: I hit myself in the boob almost every shot I took while practicing yesterday. This is a few dozen times. It’s like having someone poking a bruise repeatedly, except actually they punch it with all of the force and hatred inside of them.

Why this blog went comatose, and a change in focus.

So it’s been kind of dead here.

Not because the 24 (eventually 30) day period I mentioned in the last actual post here killed me though, so, that’s good.

No, I just got a bad case of the Busy As Fucks.

The prescribed treatment for which is “Being Stressed As Fuck”, and it has the unfortunate side effect of making me stressed as fuck.

Oh, and sleepy as fuck. For brevity, just append “as fuck” after every adjective from here on out in your head.

To be a little more descriptive; Turns out, when faced with going into the last year of high school and having to get everything sorted out yourself since all of your classes are self paced and your schedule (mostly) unstructured, dealing with organizing community college courses so that they jive with your high school courses, taking the SAT a second time to get it as high as possible the day after your birthday (in hindsight, not as good a time to take it as I originally figured!), making sure  other graduation requirements are being taken care of, trying to prepare yourself for looking as good to colleges as you possibly can, and probably some last thing I’ve forgotten, your brain kind of just throws up its hands (lobes?) and says “ALRIGHT, I HAVE TAKEN CARE OF THE BARE MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS FOR TODAY, FEND FOR YOURSELF.”

Or at least mine does.

I don’t take well to stress, really.

And I get enough stress from the things that need to be stressing me out, so… not a lot of space left for things like “Idiot MRA wants to talk about how women aren’t people” or “Why water does not cure cancer” or any of the other subjects commonly brought up in the Atheosphere. As such, I’ve kind of… not actually been paying attention to Atheist/Feminist blogs as much as usual, and don’t really have a lot to write about on an Atheist/Feminist blog.

So, there’s that. Also, a brain that wants me to fend for myself does not make for good posts really!

I’ll post more eventually. I might even get that abortion cake post made (eventually.)


In my hiatus, I’ve kind of been thinking about the focus of this blog. The blog focus states that this blog is primarily about religion, whereas wordpress’s “Most popular topics you’ve written about” widget clearly shows that haha, no, that’s bullshit and it’s actually Feminism by a long shot.

So I’m going to explain about this some.

First off, why there’s no mention of Feminism whatsoever in my blog focus despite it being the overarching theme.

When I started this blog, it was intended to just be Atheism. I didn’t intend to write about Feminism at all, save for a few brief posts. This is primarily because when I started this blog, I was really hesitant to even call myself a Feminist. I’m not sure why, actually. Probably all of those formative years spent on 4chan that taught me that Feminist was a dirty word for shrill uppity bitches that hate Nice Guys or whatever.

Man, if that’s not the most depressing sentence I’ve ever written.

Anyways, for some reason it’s still weird for me to say that I’m a Feminist? So for the record, I’m a Feminist and this is a Feminist blog. In other news, water is wet (and still does not cure cancer if you mix diluted tumors in it).

Now then, why this blog ended up about Feminism in the first place.

If you were to ask me what I’d rather be known for writing about, between the Atheism, science and technology mentioned in my blog focus, or the Feminism that has taken over my blog, I’d say Atheism, hands down. I am nowhere near as passionate about Feminism as most Feminist bloggers (I would assume). I’m not even all that passionate about being female. It’s kind of, at best, just a thing. The absolute last thing I would want is for it to define me, simply because it just doesn’t.

And yet I write about it A. Fucking. Lot.

There’s good reason for that.

Writing is catharsis for me. Not in the sense that it is for some writers, in that when they’re upset about anything they just like to write. For me, it’s in the sense that if something pisses me off, one of the best ways to make it stop bothering me is to write about it.

Between “This wine is Zombie blood!!!”  and “Hahaha, silly wimminfolk, you aren’t people”, it’s kind of clear to see which one makes me the angriest.

And which one motivates me to write.

Because as much as the absolute last thing I want is to be defined by being female, there are other people tend to enjoy doing exactly that, and then subjecting me to their sexism.

So in a sense I kind of have to care about Feminism. And write about it.

So that’s the focus of this blog now.

With some Atheism on the side.


Dammit, now I have to update the blog focus page.

I chose a bad time

In follow up of my last post, the reason I hadn’t posted in so long was a mix of busyness, and the need to stop reading the news/blogs/everything politics related for a while because it had all gotten too infuriating lately, and I needed to spend 24/7 on My Little Pony imageboards for a while.


Clearly, I chose a bad time to start reading blogs again.

The Most Beautiful Cover

So Greta Christina is holding a contest for the cover design of her book!

Though my artistic ability tends more towards drawing pretty pictures than actual graphic design (At least going by what I perceive the difference to be), I figured I would give it a shot.

By “figured I would give it a shot”, I mean I instantly got all giddy at the prospect of designing a cover for her book. Greta is one of my favorite bloggers, and Atheists and Anger is one of my favorite posts. On top of that, there’s the slim chance I could actually win, which would be simultaneously awesome and really good experience to have should I ever start doing commission art, an idea that’s been floating around my head for a few months now and is currently firmly in the “yes, I will almost definitely maybe do that in the future when I have time” zone. So a chance to test out being an artist for money is kinda neat.

Anyways, all of that giddiness resulted in a ton of ideas for what would make a good cover, and I didn’t want to lose those ideas, so I figured I would sketch them out. However, I was in bed with my laptop, my sketch pad was way all the way down on the floor next to me, and my drawing tablet was by my desktop. The two and six feet respectively that I would have had to move to retrieve either of them was simply too much physical exertion, so I settled for the next best thing.

So here’s the, ah, rough draft of the cover design I decided on, a masterpiece forged by the pen tool on my art program and my laptop’s touchpad.

My favorite part is how it looks like a picture of a disgruntled nun with an owlkin preaching to little frog people behind her.

Which, sadly, is not the actual cover design.

I’ve started work on the actual cover design though! A lot of work is already done. I’ll probably post the finished result here too.

But I wanted to post that first.


EDIT: It’s pretty now!

Thoughts on Random Subjects

I’ve been busy lately!

So I don’t really have the time motivation to write up a full post. But in the time since I last made a post I’ve had various thoughts going around my head, so I’ll just list those here, because I like them.

  • The idea that women make poor drivers is baseless. The true award for shitty drivers goes to another demographic- People in cars and trucks larger than any person needs. Today I witnessed two trucks and an SUV doing what I believe was some kind of ugly-car courtship ritual, weaving in and out of the lanes freely together without a turn signal in sight. Beautiful.
  • There’s a racist in my Archery class! If you bring up any black person and mention government in the same context, she’ll call them a ‘Marxist’ and tell them to go back to Africa. I have yet to ask her whether or not she intends to go back to Europe.
  • You can rather accurately judge how uninformed and obtuse someone is on a subject by taking note of how many pseudo-intellectual rhetorical questions they preface their bullshit arguments with. The correlation is positive. And exponential.
  • It turns out I’m a man! Or something like that. I finally got to shooting a bow in Archery. I was instructed to grab a 25 pound bow unless I “felt like being a man today”. I ended up with a 30 pound, pulled that fine, and was met with “I’ll see if you can get a 25 pound bow”.  I wasn’t having any sort of difficulty with 30 pounds, but apparently the idea that I might not be a frail wimminfolk was mind boggling. I never ended up switching to a 25 pound, for the record.
  • I’m taking a programming course. My professor also teaches a computer literacy course. My professor does not know that “Windows Explorer” is the name of the file manager, and that “My Documents” is not a piece of software. I despair.


And that’s about all I can remember at the moment! I might do another one of these the next time I want to get a post up for the sake of my blog not becoming a ghost town, and I might make some posts expanding on these topics. Who knows!


Whee, first post!

So there’s been a lot of talk lately between blogs about how apparently, just being female on the internet while having an opinion about anything sets you up to receive special hatemail tailored specifically for women. I figured hell, I’m female and could probably churn out a regular blog!

So I am. It’s also in part due to recently being caught up in the wonderfulness that is the Freethought blogs, so much so that I was inspired to create my own atheism/skepticism/etc. themed blog. I’ll probably end up posting an awful lot of non-atheism themed stuff too, about things like technology (particularly robotics and AI and things to do with computers), or psychology, or news, or some piece of art that I’ve made that might be interesting, or anything else that I feel could go here.

But most importantly, I’ll be posting my opinions about things here, and just seeing if I end up with hate mail. If/when I do, I’ll be posting them here to be open for ridicule! Unless they’re just uncreative and boring, but I think I’ll still find something to do with them.That’s enough about that for now though. Time for actual content.